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Why Fruits for Diabetics?

Why fruits for diabetics?

First we must define the difference between Simple Sugars and Complex Sugars.  Complex sugars are refined, manufactured, cooked or altered sugars.  Simple sugars exist in ripe raw fruits and it is called Fructose.

Fructose does not use insulin to be digested or absorbed into the body.  In fact in many cases, the need for Rx completely disappears after a few weeks on fruit with some proper herbs to boost damaged systems in the body.  

My Dad for instance was a type 2 at the age of 60.  He started injecting insulin along with oral Rx in his 70’s.  When he was 76 he fasted for 10 weeks and has never injected again, even though he is back to a Standard American Diet.  He is back on oral meds but very little and he is 82.  He does not want to go Raw or be on a fruit diet.  This is ok, but the success is very significant as he has Parkinsons/tremors and was having difficulty injecting insulin.  

What is important here is that the Adrenals and Pancreas are very compromised in Diabetics and with a diet that provides high energy to the body, many good things can happen.  When the adrenals are involved there are systems, glands, organs and tissues that are compromised all over your body.  It is important to know your weaknesses are so we can focus on these areas to get all your body functioning properly as quickly as possible.  This is accomplished in an Iris Analysis (Iridology consultation) which is included in the Regenerative Detoxification Consultation.  

Having said all of this, it is important to note that you cannot control nor predict how the body will heal, this is determined by your body, not by your will or thoughts.  It is under the control of your Autonomic Nervous System that has a vast ability to know what needs attention first.  

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