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The Protein myth

This is not a light topic and many people have very strong feelings about this.  I have no judgement, but I do have an opinion based on my life experiences.  I would like to share this opinion to help those that want to be out of pain, for those that want to clear their foggy heads and for those that know that there is a better way to live.  

The most common mental blocks I experience when I talk about health is the issue about not eating meat.  As soon as the topic is raised most people go right into a silent panic mode.  I get it, I was there too, I was born and raised in the land of beef, in a family of farmers.  But at some point I realized that I was being fed advertisements and propaganda put out by large organizations who did not care about my personal health.   So this is the easiest way I can explain myself:

Protein is needed for the amino acids (or so all the advertisements say.)

Amino acids are the building blocks for cells.

The problem is that the body needs to break protein down into amino acids (a form it can utilize), and in doing so the body is left in a more acidic state.  Acids corrode, break down things and acids dissolve things; this is not good for the human body.  For example, many body builders end up with arthritis and inflammation, ultimately loosing their joints to the acids dissolving them.  That is just one example but don't take my word for it there are many people that have spoken out about the destructive nature of meats and consuming proteins. 

Ok, so where do we get our building blocks, our amino acids from, since we are told we do not make them and need to consume them?  This is simple...Fruit.  Yup Fruit.  Fruits are known to be good for the human body, in fact I use fruits to heal, to regenerate and to feed my body.  Fruits have amino acids already in them in the form that the body can utilize, so they do not need to break them down into something else. 

Fruits provide all the amino acids that the body requires without the need to take an acid bath in proteins!

The best part is that when we eat fruits we alkalize the body, cooling the inflammations, hydrating cells, and cleansing the body of the acids and metabolitic wastes and more. 

And of course fruit is delicious.

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