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People will temporarily feel better on the Keto diet, not only because they have eliminated complex carbs and sugars which are very acidic to the body, but mainly because fat is alkalizing and the body uses fat to buffer the damaging effects of the acid-forming foods we eat (meat, dairy, starch, complex carbs/sugars, etc.). Fat also buffers pain in the body. (This is not a permanent fix, just a temporary relief)This is why people develop high cholesterol and plaques, because cholesterol is a lipid-based steroid used by the body as an alkalizing buffer against acids.  To feel better on a more permanent basis one must look towards a diet that is natural for our human bodies.

Humans are carbon-based beings and our main source of fuel should be carbon in the form of simple carbs from fruits and veggies. Every single one of your 100+ trillions of cells requires carbon as fuel to function. When you consume fresh fruits and veggies, the carbon mixes with oxygen to create ATP - cell energy.

The Keto diet starves your cells of carbon. That’s really bad news, you don’t starve the human body of its natural fuel source without consequences. The Keto diet promotes a high fat intake from dairy and meats, both of which are very acidic and harmful to our bodies which only thrive when on the alkaline side of chemistry. Dairy products cause our lymphatic system to produce high amounts of pus and mucus to buffer the acidic load from the foods we eat. After eating acid-forming foods long term, this causes lymphatic congestion and stagnation, and in turn, our cellular wastes no longer have a means to exit our bodies, and start to build up more and more inside us every single day. This is where all our health problems originate, from our congested lymphatic systems. It’s no different than a clogged sewer system in your home. I’m sure you can imagine the array of problems that a backed up sewer system would cause. (YOU WOULD NOT THROW OLIVE OIL AND CREAM DOWN YOUR DRAIN SYSTEM TO CLEAN IT OUT)....you could try getting some fruit down there for some enzyme activity though....just a thought.
Meat and dairy destroy the 2 main doorways to true health: number one being our kidneys which are responsible for removing our lymphatic wastes. And number two being our colon, which we all know takes care of our digestive wastes. If we let the acids win, our health loses.
Long term consumption of a high-fat diet plaques the cardiovascular system which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, heart palpitations and arrhythmias, gallbladder and joint problems, and Diabetes Type 2 because fat coats the insulin-receptor sites of our cells, so the sugar in the bloodstream has no way to enter the cells.

On the opposite end of these High fat, high protein and ketogenic diets that destroy our bodies is the fruit based diets.  Fruit based diets cleanse and strengthen the body.  Fruits are hydrating, cooling and cleansing; so on your journey to learning the truth about your body, at the very least I urge you to research fruit based diets.  

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