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Marijuana Basics

All this talk about Marijuana.  It is almost overwhelming. Well let’s simplify this craziness.

First of all, Marijuana is a herb, and there are many herbs that help the body so it is not the end all be all of herbs.  In fact, Marijuana is known as an excellent pain reliever.  This is very true and I use it in my own practice with success.  So well that in the Unites States, the States that legalized Marijuana seen a 25% decrease in Opioid use through prescription.  And further to that California which has had legalization the longest has a 33% reduction….WOW

This is truly saving lives.  Opioids are very damaging to the body and eventually destroy the human body.  So, using less is helping people live a better quality of life to the extent of at least 25%.

Ok, what is in Marijuana that is so good.  Well Marijuana has many compounds but mostly we focus on CBD and THC.  THC is the psychoactive component which produces a high, and CBD does not, but is the main reason for pain relief.  When you buy, you mostly buy the THC or CBD content of the Marijuana that you would like.

What about Hemp oil.  Well, it is much more widely available, as there is no restrictions on this product.  So why am I mentioning it.  My 82 year old, father started taking CBD and THC for pain and suffering.  Two weeks into taking high concentration of CBD and less THC, he felt no pains.  WHAT?  Life in your 80’s with no pain this is great!!  This year my Dad became adventurous and wanted to save some money so he started taking Hemp oil.  We are happy to report it works just as good for him.  

So where do you go if you want to try this.  Now legal in Canada you can go online, and buy directly but for those that are in grave pain get a prescription, there are more products available because companies know there are lives depending on medical marijuana and have reserves for the prescriptions.  Also, prescriptions are tax benefit, here in Canada as medical expenses.

Now the bad.  Although I have seen it manage pain, I have not seen it take away the source of the pain.  If you are interested in getting rid of your health issues including aches and pains permanently then you will want to get in touch with us here at Cellular Hydration and book a Regenerative Detoxification Consultation so we can start you on your path to wellness with knowledge and the right herbs that work with your body to rebuild and regenerate your health.

This is an oversimplification, however, I want bring awareness to the fact that we do not need to suffer in pain, and that there are options.  At these levels it is important to work with us at Cellular Hydration as we can guide you in the fastest and safest possible way. 

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