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What does health look like

I would like to say simply that True Health is the absence of all symptomology and the presence of energy, vitality, clarity and calmness.  But this is hard to imagine. We should not know that we have a body, it should just be there for us as a vessel taking us through life, that is health, true health. But many of us cannot imagine being in perfect health, in fact, it is almost a modern day fable.

Maybe it is easier to say that if we have acne, a skin rash, dry skin, or even poor emotions, this is defined as ill health, or not well.  It is our thoughts, our feelings, our words that can define health.  It is something as simple as a small cramp in the leg or as severe as complete organ shut down.  This is all not a healthy state.  

This is why Cellular Hydration came into existence.  I want to make people aware that they have control of their health.  I want people to know that you can reverse all the symptoms and live a quality life.  I want people to know the level of health that is possible because all I have ever seen is suffering.

In my REGENERATIVE DETOXIFICATION consultation I will define your weaknesses, some are genetic, some have been developed over a life time of bad habits.  They can be acute, sub-acute, chronic or even degenerative.  Don't let this scare you, it is all reversible.  If you truly want to improve your health, you will be very successful.

It has taken a lifetime to create your situation, and with time, knowledge, truth and herbs/food I will develop a path for your regeneration.

With Love


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