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Basic steps to minimize chemical exposure

The very basics:
1.  If you can smell it you have ingested it. 
A. Laundry soap, Fabric softener, Anti-static sheets are all full of chemicals and even if you do not get a skin rash from the acids and chemicals you will still be breathing in all of the toxins. What can you do?

a)Soap nuts or natural soaps for the laundry soap
b)White vinegar for the fabric softner (it is still an acid and sometimes unnecessary)
c)Dryer balls or a cloth with a few drops of vinegar will take away the static, or try the wool balls that I seen advertised in the department stores.

2.  If it touches your skin you have absorbed it
A. Any shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, face cream, body cream or any other product that you use that touches your skin needs to be as chemical free as possible.

a)Use natural soaps
b)Skip the body wash
c)Use bar soap as shampoo if you can, I have long hair so I cannot it is too drying. I use a brand from the health store, but there are still chemicals in it just less than your cheap and brand name varieties.
d)Use coconut oil for dry skin
e)I don’t use anything on my face except aloe-vera when it is dry
f)Minimize or eliminate all make up, I eliminated make up years ago and it is a great feeling.

3.  If it is not a wool, cotton or natural rug it will off-gas volatile chemicals for years

A. Rugs are a big polluter of the home stick with natural rugs. Polypropelene rugs used to make me sick for at least 3 years before the chemicals lessened (not eliminated).

Foam anything, will make you sick. (furniture, pillows, mattresses, underlay under rugs, chair pads….all off-gas volatile chemicals)

4.  If its is a synthetic Foam, it is off-gassing VOC's(volatile organic compounds)
A.  Foam always off gasses cancer causing volatile chemicals.  Your couch cushions and padding are all potential for chemical exposure. Some bedding is made from memory foam or other synthetic foams

a)Use wool, silk or natural latex bedding
b)Ensure that pillows are not foam, lots of alternatives
c)Use natural latex for underlays on carpet
d)Buy furniture from places that only use latex wool and silk they exist!

5.  Spray foam, paints, and other building material can make you sick.
A. Since most of us cannot build our own homes, purchasing a good air purifier and open windows are the best we can do.

This is just the basics, there is so much more you can do to lessen the chemical exposure for everyone. If you are skeptical, do not take my word for it do some research and there are many resources on the internet that can help.  There are organizations dedicated to this.  I have found alternatives for every chemical risk.

When you have a baby just remember that they have the same genetic make as yourself and the other parent.  If you have any health concerns or weaknesses these will be passed to your baby.  Book an appointment today and together we can work on a healthier you as well as a healthier baby.  It is much easier to address things early in life; this makes growing older much more fun and less serious.  We work with whole families to find that path to a healthy and happy life.

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