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Herbs for pet health

I love my cat, Penny and I will be the best care giver I can be for her.  She is a carnivore, the only true carnivore so I need to respect this when helping her.  

The same is true for all of our lovely animals and beloved pets of the world, we have to respect their natural needs and specialized care as pets. 

The first thing to take into account is their natural needs.  For instance Dogs are omnivores and their protein intake should be under 10%.  So many kidney diseases out there killing our pets because the protein content is too much.  

Cats are carnivores and need to stay away from all starch, they do not eat grains in the wild, or potatoes or carrots..etc. I know first hand how hard it can be to get a domesticated cat onto Raw, in fact, I am unable to do this with Penny, she just is a super picky eater, but I am still trying all the tricks out there to see if I cannot change this.  

Beyond this all diets should be raw, there is not any animal that cooks its food before it eats it, and naturally neither should humans.  Cooking alters foods into an unusable state not fit for any digestive system.

Now the herbs.  They can be the same or similar as for humans. For instance, herbs that are good for kidneys in humans will be good for the kidneys in dogs.  However, the administration of the herbal protocol would be different than for us as humans.   

This is another over-simplification, but the awareness is important here.  There are exceptions and there are some herbs that animals should stay away from.  There are many different situations, and the only way to safely administer herbal protocols is with professional advise, such as with us here at Cellular Hydration.

Raw diets should be ethically sourced and vetted for pesticides, herbicides, freshness and quality, etc.

Please book a herbal consultation for your pet if you are interested in a safe and effective quality herbs and herbal protocols as offered here at Cellular Hydration.  Rates are not posted on the site please call for rates.

With great love for all of our beautiful animals of the world,


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