Three (3) bottles of specially selected individual Flower Essences that compliment each other in a way to enhance your Sacred Journey.


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"Inner Glow" Lobelia:  Deep healing calmness.   Ancestral supporter of precious  family togetherness. Abundance of life.  Protector of space in astral worlds.  All seeing eyes. Warriors of heart strength & love. Supporter of  depths of thought, emotion, heart, inner soul & where blood flows.

"Whispers of Wisdom" Spurred Snapdragon:  Quietly spoken words of gentleness & encouragement.  Whispers of wisdom through the ages.  Guardians that act as a protector of your innermost child & assists with the resurrection of the purpose as you progress through existence.  Protector of eternal Love & eternal life.  Useful in adapting to change.

"Sacred Path" Turkish Burning Bush:  Spiritual Lanterns that light the path in this life, after death and during sleep. Helps you to see in the dark/in times of darkness.  Supports the process of Life-death-rebirth-reincarnation or after life there is more life.  Useful  as energetic guidance to help us on our eternal path.  Supportive & protective of eternal love for all.