Three (3) bottles of specially selected individual Flower Essences that compliment each other in a way to enhance the Flow of energies and breath within you.


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"Breath & Flow" Borage:  A fierce protector, spiritual cleanser & guardian for your heart & lungs.  This vibrant & powerful flower scours your innermost tissues scrubbing it clean of lingering bad energies. Useful for making room for healing & life force to flow through your body.

"Divine Feminine" Deep Pink Snapdragon:  Intense feminine heart, feminine power & feminine desire. Soothing & Nurturing. Enhances the attractive, desireable. holds precious & comforting energies.Useful in intuition, creation & celebration of self.  Protective vibration in grounding strength beauty & passion. 

"Calm" Chamomile:  Soothing & soft messages of peace and calm.  Sweet reminders of tranquility.  Strong supporter of the our central energies.  Supports Relaxation & Soulful Balance.  Sweet reminders of living simply & simple truths.  Quiet the mind & connect with serenity.