Three (3) bottles of specially selected individual Flower Essences that compliment each other in a way to enhance Empowerment.


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"Awaken Abundance" White Sweet PeaSuspend yourself in a purified space of simplicity abundance, love & luxury.  Cleansing of thought, Awakening of senses, grounding aura.  Balancing of understated & over the top feminine energy.  Cleansing of negative energies. Expressions of gratitude.

"Be You & Shine" French Stripe Marigold: Don’t be afraid to be you with bold personal expressions of illumination & individuality. Nurturing vibrant aliveness of life.  Propels you forward while deflecting negative energies.   Balanced & grounding.  Full of cheerfulness & variety.  Useful for outer expressions of individuality!

"Perspective of Innocence" Delphinium: Elimination of ego & illusion.   Kisses of joy & happiness of all knowing, all seeing & all present.  Fun playful childlike innocence to open up perspective & see life through a clear set of eyes.  Laughing Outbreath of love & excitement. Spontaneous bursts of enlightenment!