When we recognize that our body is not working as to be expected we start this wonderful journey to find out why. Searching the internet, dabbling in different diets, trying different supplements, and about 1000 other ways to try to find better health. Stop here. This is made quick and easy when you realize that getting back to the basics of body function is the right way. What does this mean? Where to start? How long do I need to detoxify my body so that it can function right? What foods do I eat? etc. We will discuss all that and more. This session is packed with exceptional knowledge and insight into our human bodies. Most of this information has not been public knowledge for very long. Let's start talking about this so we can learn how to find better health. Lets straighten out that road and fast track you down the path to better health

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours
  • Address: Lacombe, AB, Canada (Map)




This event is active please contact our office for more information.  We provide weekly drop in service to senior and restricted mobility clients.