Our Key program for optimal health. Cleanse and Strengthen the body from any state. Explore the body's natural ability to regenerate. How to stop the madness of pain, and deterioration. Everyone is unique, it is important to know your body so you can take steps to support it.

  • Category: Herbal Business
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours
  • Address: Gull Lake, AB, Canada (Map)
  • More Info: admin@cellularyhydration.ca




Learn what your body needs to improve quality of life.  Taking a look at your concerns.  What foods help the body and why.  What about parasites?  What about candida?  What about allergies and acne?  What to look for to monitor your own body.  An iridology session.  A herbal protocol Taylor made For your unique body.  What about exhaustion?  What about heart health?  What about pain?  What about tiredness?  What about sleep?  What herbs will help, where do you get these herbs and how much do you take?  So many answers to get you on the right path, this initial consultation is just the beginning, and the best part is the degree of health that you desire is possible and is entirely unto you.