Lets take a close look at your eyes. We will explore what your eyes reveal about your current functionality of the body. The eye gives us an abundance of information as to areas that are weaknesses that need to be addressed ultimately to enable us to reach a healthier state as efficiently as possible. This helps to find out why we may not be gaining better bodily functions even when we do all the right things. And finally we will discuss what you can do about it. This service is included in the Regenerative Detoxification Consultation which is necessary for whole body health. This service is itemized for specific cases, please contact our office for more information.

  • Category: Herbal Business
  • Duration: 01:30 Hours
  • Address: Gull Lake, AB, Canada (Map)
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Almost anybody can read an eye.  Children find it fun.  However, reading it and interpreting the reading is a learned skill passed on through generations of applied observation and techniques.  I have been taught to read the eye through a friend and holder of Bernard Jensen's research over a lifetime of being an iridologist.  The daughter of Bernard Jensen has taken a different route and the knowledge I use is directly from Bernard Jensen's research and also applied and added to for many years by his friend (and holder of Jensens research) my teacher.  This is a simple process that reads insight into ourselves.  Sometimes we may not even know why we have continued problems with an area or function of the body.  The eyes are a wealth of information for each and every individual, and we should all know this basic information about ourselves so that we may choose the right path to wellness.  Iridology reading is a part of my regenerative detoxification consultation because it is invaluable in which herbals and diet that is recommended.  Because it is important for us all to know as much as possible about ourselves I have included this as a separate service for those that do not wish to have a health consultation or herbal suggestions for better health written up for themselves.