19 Mar

Releasing your fear of these viruses is the key. Why? Am I careless, or maybe naive? Nope. Just the opposite. I care deeply for people who want to live without fear and without pain. Better yet I want to help those people who want to help themselves. Armour yourself. That's right if you are looking to live without fear and be confident in your abilities to survive in a chaotic world you need to build up your power. Physically, Mentally and Emotionally/Spiritually. It is possible and many people are already doing this. Many more have started their journey because of this fear in recent events.

Viruses only thrive in bodies where the conditions are good, in other words if your body is weak and sick. If you have a healthy body, our immune system is designed to flush the viruses out of the body with minimal effects. Some viruses have been around forever, others more recent, are man-made and dangerous, however, how we protect ourselves from all viruses are the same.  

We need to recognize that a healthy human body expels all viruses out of the body; this is not something that is commonly talked about even though it is known.  Our immune system is designed to protect our body, and it already knows what to do.  Our job is to create the right internal environment to allow our body to function properly.

Surprisingly many people do not recongnize what a sick or weak body looks like because most people are in this state all their lives, surrounded by others who are the same.

A simple test for yourself is your energy levels. We should be vital and full of energy all day long. A second test is your happiness. If you have any stress or negative influences in your life such as listening to media and news; or drive in rush hour traffic these are areas of terrible stress on the human body.

So given that most people do not have the perfect human diet, that we are living in a stress filled world and everyone is subject to a variety of environmental toxins; we are most certainly very desirable to all viruses.

Now that you have had a quick look at yourself, let’s look at what you can do for yourself.

1.  Define your genetic and lifestyle weaknesses. This is done in my office by looking into the eyes, as an iridologist, and a questionnaire. Visually seeing weakened tissues in the body helps a person to understand where all the symptoms come together to a root cause.

2.  Boost your weakened areas of your body with botanicals/herbs. In my office I develop a 14 week herbal protocol to do just this.

3.  Eat a diet that aligns with higher energy so your body can use this energy to heal and function properly.

4.  Ensure your back is aligned properly

5.  Breath clean air as much as possible

6.  Drink clean water, filter out as much chlorine and fluorine as possible

7.  Daily walks in nature or areas where there are trees and grass

8.  Practice simple meditation such as heart-brain connection for a minimum of 3 minutes per day

9.  Limit your access to media that focuses on fear mongering and propaganda.

10.  Laugh as much as possible, I do.

Albert Einstein has a great quote for this time in our lives.

“we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

We do indeed think differently about our bodies because we pay attention to the natural diet and natural foods for the human body.  With the right diet and herbs we can create the right internal environment to heal and function properly.

Currently most people have created, without knowing, a very weakened body which makes a weakened community. We now see that this current way of living, eating, and stressing is not sustainable. I could talk for hours on this topic, but let’s keep it simple.

SIMPLE change is BIG change!

I work with people from all areas of the country and I am always in awe by the amount of love that exists.  More importantly there is nothing more sacred than a person caring for ones self. It is always a pleasure to work with every individual who wants to improve their own health & vitality.


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